Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boomerangs in Plano

Boomerangs in Plano is full of inflatable obstacles and bounce areas for kids under 14. What I like the most is that they have a toddler area. This makes it easier for those of us who have slightly
older kids and toddlers. There is always that pressing dilemma...the older kid wants to go do things that are not age appropriate for the younger one. At Boomerangs you can let your toddler play in the toddler area while keeping your older kid burns off some energy! I wish this place was around when I was a kid! They should have a parents night where we can go play too, it would so much fun!
During the day the admission is not so budget friendly $8.99 for ages 4-14 and $4.99 for ages 1-3. If you go after 4:00pm Monday through Friday they run a not advertised special $5 for 4-14 and $3 for ages 1-3. Parents get in free all of the time. We always go after 4:00 pm and let the kids wear themselves out before bed.
They also have free Wifi for parents who want to come and bring their lap tops and get some work done while the kids play. The only down side to Boomerangs is that you can't bring in your own food and drinks. They want you to buy their food which is understandable...they are a business after all. They do provide water for free.

  • Socks are required
  • Address: 6205 Coit Road Suite B Plano 75024
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm; Friday 7-11pm Parents Night Out;
    Saturday 9am-7pm; Sunday 11am-6pm
  • Contact: (214) 473-9995
  • Web Site:


  1. Thanks for the heads up ... Do you have to mention the unadvertised special to get the rates? Or do they just give it to you automatically?

  2. What a good article.

    You should contact the bizymoms Plano community to get your article featured to their large mom community.

  3. FYI I'm not sure about the other locations but the Plano one went under. It looks like all the equipment is still in there so hopefully someone will buy it up and reopen it someday.