Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dallas Zoo

Most people in the Dallas area have been to the Dallas Zoo at least once. I don't need to go into any lengthy explanation about the attractions, what I do want to tell you about is the little known budget friendly deal of zoo membership. General admission to the zoo is $10 per adult (ages 12-64) $7 per child (ages 3-11; children 2 and under are free) and $7 per senior (ages 65 and up). On top of that you have to pay $5 per car to park. To break it down, for me, my husband, my step-daughter and my toddler to go to the zoo we would pay $32 for one day! Ouch! That hurts the budget and makes the zoo a once a year experience! Now I do need to mention that you get a discount admission with same day DART pass: $7 admission per adult and $4 admission per child. A DART rail day pass is $3 per person per day. Therefore, after buying DART passes, it would cost my family $27 to get into the zoo. It's not a bad deal if you don't mind sitting on the DART with your kids for an hour or more. I am not too fond of trying to find a seat and keep my toddler still for an hour.
A Dallas Zoo family membership which includes 2 named adults from the same household and their children or grandchildren costs $79 per year. As a Dallas Zoo member you get free admission whenever you go as well as free parking and a 10% discount on all food and merchandise. $69 of the cost of your membership is a tax write off, I believe as a charitable donation. There are also member only events that you will receive invitations come and visit the zoo after normal zoo hours. The best part of the membership is that your membership is also good at 150 other zoos and aquariums through a reciprocal program. In Texas alone there are 12 other zoos that a Dallas zoo member will either get in free or get in at a discounted rate. This includes free admission to the Houston Zoo, Cameron Park Zoo, and 50% off your admission to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Next year you will also get into the Dallas Aquarium which is scheduled to re-open in 2010. My family used this discount when we took a vacation to Kansas City this summer and got 50% off our admission to the Kansas City Zoo.
Whether or not you decide to buy a membership I recommend that you check out the tiger exhibit. The tigers are in a very natural environment and this exhibit and the gorilla exhibit are like nothing I had ever seen before. You look down on the animals who are surrounded by trees and practically oblivious to the people around them. Also, if you have children the Lacerte Children's Zoo section is a blast! You may have to pry your kids away from the man-made creek designed for the kids to play in!

  • Web Site:
  • Address: 650 South R.L. Thorton Freeway (I-35E) Dallas 75203
  • Contact: (214) 943-2771
  • Stroller Rental: $6 for a wagon $9 for a Safari Jeep (seats 2)
  • You can bring in all of your own food, drinks, stroller, ice chest, etc.
  • Hours: 9am-5pm daily

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