Tuesday, June 30, 2009

La Michoacana

After receiving many inquiries about the food we served at our daughter's first birthday party I thought it was time to let you in on my little secret to throwing a party on a budget... La Michoacana Meat Market. Almost every time we have a party we serve fajitas and we buy everything from La Michoacana. The meat tastes amazing and it comes pre-marinated. The only thing you have to do cook it for a few minutes on the grill or however you like and it is done. We also buy our pico de gallo, salsa, limes and tortillas there.
Let's talk money. I went to La Michoacana again today to help a friend with a party and to pick up some meat for dinner. I bought marinated chicken fajita meat for $2.99 per pound. I bought 3 pounds of chicken for $9. It is a large bag of chicken and will last us for several days, especially when you plan on serving it on a tortilla with pico and salsa. I also got 2 pounds of marinated beef fajita meat at $4.59 per pound. They sell homemade pico de gallo for $1.99 per container. Their pico is amazingly fresh and very very spicy. They use fresh jalapenos in their pico. They also sell packs of about 100 corn tortillas for $2.50. If you go down the ailes and look on the shelves they have a La Sabrozita salsa which comes in a 35 oz. container for $1.
You can buy meat for a party based on how many people you expect or you can do what we do which is go in and buy a bunch of meat and freeze whatever you don't use. We also freeze our tortillas.

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  1. We have a La Michoacana Meat Market in Mesquite right on Galloway Ave. I agree the meat is so cheap in price. With great taste.

    Fellow Texan